An innovative approach

QualyCloud created QualyTrust, a platform that establishes a New Digital Trusted Relationship between the customer, their service providers and their associated ecosystem, in compliance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

QualyTrust, encrypts and protects customer’s Private Data coming from multiple sources and allow them to securely share it with other stakeholders and Service Providers from their Privacy Dashboard.

QualyTrust secures the customer’s journey giving them back control of their personal data.

Moreover, QualyTrust offers the customer the possibility to actually monetise their data, but with their given consent.


Smart Insurance

Unified Customer View

QualyTrust enables the digitisation of the ecosystem around the insurer while offering the subscriber a platform to manage the complete lifecycle of their insurance contracts.

The subscriber can share their personal data as well as medical records but also sign new contracts and create and follow claims from a centralised Smart Data Hub. All access rights dynamically adapt according to the contract and with the consent of the subscriber.

QualyTrust keeps track of all exchanges required to manage the insurance contracts. The insurer, their partners and the subscriber can follow in real time the lifecycle of the contracts and related services. KPIs help evaluating the quality of service offered to the subscriber.


Smart Services

Smart Privacy

QualyTrust enables the digitisation of the ecosystem around the Service Providers while offering the Customer a platform to manage the complete lifecycle of their contracts and services.

By interacting with various CRMs, we provide one Single Customer View allowing to better address customers.

QualyTrust opens the door to Service Providers' diversification as the Customer can manage multiple contracts and services from their Smart Data Hub.







A quick-look under the hood

Personal Smart Data Hub

Personal data belongs to the person

QualyTrust® centralises, synchronises, secures and encrypts all exchanges to guarantee traceability in all transactions within the digital ecosystem. We handle all the workflows, contracts and partners on-boarding to create a trusted value chain. All ecosystem members will be able to better exchange with the Service Providers and with their subscribers in order to actively build new and enhanced services.

QualyTrust gives the control to the user through a Privacy Dashboard. All information is securely stored within the Personal Smart Data Hub while our Smart Privacy engine defines the sharing rules according to the contracts established between the subscriber and their service providers.

Smart Privacy

Dynamic Privacy Management

Built on top of the Personal Smart Data Hub, the Smart Privacy® technology is structured by the Contracts established between the Customer and their Service Provider. Data sharing rules and profiles are therefore clearly defined and state which data is shared with whom and for what purpose.

Smart Privacy® keeps track of all data exchanges and interactions and provides detailed reports to the relevant stakeholders during the whole contract lifecycle.

Consent, right to be forgotten and data portability are some of the GDPR’s principles handled by our technology.

Data Monetisation

Data is the new Oil

With new constraints imposed by the GDPR, targeting prospects will get tricky. Moreover, building profiles from available data might turn into an impossible mission.

Why not offering the Customer the possibility to share their personal data and detailed profile, within a clear and transparent frame, in exchange for retribution?

With their consent, the customer will have control of what they share and with whom and become an active player of the -sometimes opaque- digital advertising economy.

The Know Your Customer concept has never been so natural…

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