Smart Services Platform

QualyTrust® Platform enables Smart Services for your business. The platform provides Service Connectivity, Adaptability, Predictability and Scalability, whether you are an Insurance Stakeholder, an Enterprise or a Services Provider.


QualyTrust® is a platform that empowers ecosystems where members can interact faster & securely. QualyTrust® enables the development of new connected business and services. The interactions comply with privacy settings defined in accordance with the roles and workflows of services. All actions are performed in total transparency as all events related to a service are tracked and documented.

Managed Privacy

Built around the Customer and their individual private digital space, QualyTrust® relies upon Service Level Agreements which can be personalised by the Customer who decides which information is shared with whom and for what purpose. During the whole lifecycle of the Contracted Service, the Customer can modify their privacy settings in real-time, online.

Managed Functionalities

QualyTrust® enables various functionalities: customers, partners, or providers on-boarding, post-sales and claims handling, business-specific documents and messages exchange, interaction with IoT devices…

Power to the Service Providers!

With QualyTrust®, as a Services Provider, you can focus on your own business while enhancing and automating your interaction with your partners and customers. Focus on your customers, rather than the paperwork!

A powerful API

Our API is the key link to create connected end-to-end proccesses. We can interconnect with any Ecosystem always respecting the privacy, the security and the business conformance.

Smart Services

QualyTrust® opens a new world of possible applications thanks to automation and digitization of the processes, all within a secured platform taking into account the personal private information of the customer. Why QualyTrust®? Because we not only provide the platform that allows interaction within the ecosystem, but we also handle the full lifecycle of the service providing all stakeholders with real-time notifications, statuses and follow-up. See the examples below to know how far you can go with Smart Services.

The Connected Dishwasher

Imagine, your connected dishwasher has a problem. You will be automatically notified about the problem and the connected appliance will propose you to contact directly the shop to take care of the repair, if still under guarantee coverage. Alternatively, you will be asked to have the appliance serviced by a certified partner. Next, you will be invited to share some private data in order to get the appointment with the repair centre arranged.
QualyTrust® provides the platform that empowers the interactions between the appliance, the repair centre and the customer, but can also handle the repair order workflow and provide all stakeholders with real-time notifications, statuses and follow-up.

The Connected Car

Suppose you’re driving and your car breaks down. Simply press a button on your smartphone or on your car and wait for help. The connected car instantly will share your exact GPS location and will upload to the repair center the car data status.
Depending on the car diagnostic, the repair representative will get it fixed at your location or the towing service will take your car to the closest repair center. According to your Smart Service Level Agreement, you will get premium services and your claim will be automatically handled by your insurer, while your wallet stays in your pocket!
QualyTrust® ensures the interaction between all parties, giving the driver control of his privacy and ensuring the claim process is properly handled in accordance with the contracted service terms.

Smart Insurance

With our knowledge and experience in the insurance world, we developed the Smart Insurance. Fully customer oriented, the digitally enhanced ecosystem is based on a platform that connects all stakeholders in the insurance business – insurance companies, brokers and their customer, enabling secure, automated transactions that underpin the trust of customers and allow better risk management by insurers.

The digital ecosystem covers complete B2B and B2B2C process management, from stakeholder and customer onboarding to claims processing. Smart Insurance ensures the security and privacy necessary for the handling of confidential medical records and data from connected devices such as e-health, the connected car or the connected home.

Real-time Contract Management

Smart Insurance brings a robust platform specially built for the insurance stakeholders allowing the end customer to contract insurance services online and follow the complete lifecycle of their insurance policy through a secure platform.

Dynamic Privacy Management

The insured customer can send medical records and quotations, sign new contracts, open and follow claims, all digitally. In accordance with European regulations, private medical information and documents are exchanged and stored within our platform without the need of e-mails or paper documents.

Predictive Risk and Fraud Management

The insurer keeps track of all exchanges and can also receive data from IoT devices or connected vehicles in order to dynamically adapt their insurance policy thus managing risk and reducing fraud.

Agile Claims and Quotations Management

Smart Insurance provides a platform to receive and efficiently handle Customer's quotations and claims allowing real-time follow-up, multiple contributions and precise tracking during all stages. The Insurer gets detailed Key Performance Indicators to ensure the best service is provided to the Customer.

Smart Agreements

With Smart Agreements, start offering S2LA: Smart Service Level Agreements to your customers, your partners and your providers!

Smart Agreements for your customers

Empower your customer with a powerful online tool to follow the full sales lifecycle of the services or products you provide. No more paper, no more hassle: service guarantees become alive. Trouble tickets and repair orders can be followed on online with Key Performance Indicators. Your customer always knows where they are standing when it comes to service.

Smart Agreements for the Enterprise

Centralize all of your contracts within one platform that allows you to dynamically generate contractual documents, digitally sign them and securely store them, providing notifications and access to contributors, during their whole lifecycle. You can now create internal profiles who will validate the documents, send them to selected providers for tenders, for instance, and keep track of all actions.

About Us

QualyTrust® was developed by QualyCloud to interconnect the Enterprise with the individuals' digital lives in a simple, efficient and secure way. In this optic, we created a secure Cloud environment enabling secure exchanges that preserve the enterprise and the individual's digital assets. QualyTrust® empowers existing ecosystems with the ability to digitally enhance and manage their services lifecycle.

Our Technology

QualyTrust® relies upon a Platform as a Service architecture based on standard APIs which facilitates its integration within your existing infrastructure and services. We have built our expertise around the digitization and integration of the processes related to the Insurance Ecosystems.

Our Values

At QualyTrust® we enable ecosystems to better interact in order to offer enhanced services and create new business based in our technology. Our priority and efforts are directed to the customer privacy and security. We centered our platform around the customer experience, the customer data and the preservation of their digital assets.

Some Facts

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Internet users thinking their privacy is at stake
Internet users looking for a car insurance and who used a price comparator
Billion euros is the amount of the insurance subscription fees collected in France in 2015
Months is the average lifetime of a dishwasher


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Smart Privacy for GDPR

The QualyCloud platform, adapted to the Insurance Ecosystem integrates the SMART PRIVACY® technology to address the European GDPR regulation.

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